Tuesday, October 19, 2010

being with yourself

Today I was chatting with a friend about a recent visit with her parents. 

She was saying how easy her parents are to be around.  They help with whatever and are relaxed; not bothered by much.  She mentioned that they love to read and that it works out well.  If there is nothing to do, they read.  If they leave from a visit with their daughter and her family and accomplished reading 2 books, they are thrilled.

This got me thinking about people who are relaxed.  And then more so, people who are easy to be around.  Who I thought of were specifically people who like being with themselves.  They don't need the approval or devotion of another person, they are happy with who they are no matter what.

Sure, everyone likes encouragement and validation, but the people I was thinking of don't need it.  At parties I often seek these kind of people out.  I can stand by them, talk or not talk, and be comfortable...because they were comfortable before I even got there, with or without me (or anyone else, for that matter). 

Un-bothered about what people think, no need to be entertained, no reason to self depreciate.  They just are.  It's nice, being around these kind of people. 

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