Thursday, September 23, 2010

these days

Today I talked with a lady who has older kids.  Her oldest left for college this year.  She's been gone for a month now and is coming home for the weekend.  The mom was a bit teary-eyed talking about it. 

She reminded me, as people often do, about how quickly these days with little ones go.  I know.  And yet, it's always a good reminder to stay present and love these moments.  Life is a blessing.  Even in the hard times there is beauty somewhere, if we look.

I do love these days and these girls.  Maybe there are times when I look forward to a slower season or the days when I'll talk with these 2 about "deeper" things.  But I will never wish these moments away.

And, in the midst of a day there are slower moments and conversations about deep things - feelings, relationships, God (with Evee anyway :)).  And, maybe it's not in the same way that we will talk about life when she is 10 and 16 and 24, but it's deep and real at 3 years old.  And I love it.

Seriously, just want to eat this one.
Of course Evee and I couldn't get her to smile for a picture, but the girl smiles so easily.  Really.  She makes it very difficult to walk past without stopping and talking.  As soon as you look at her she smiles and starts to chat back.

Life is beautiful.


  1. Iris is getting so big! Can't wait to see her in a month!!

  2. I read this post to Dad and had to hold back tears. So beautifully written. Touching.

    I love how you love being a mom. You have entered motherhood with Evee and Iris with such a graceful flow. Your life axiom of "living a simple and peaceful life" is so evident in how you are raising them.

    Love you!

  3. I love the picture of the three of you! What a lovely post.

  4. Oh my. Love this post. Love you. And... Iris' eyes are BLUE!!! Don't think I realized until these pics just how shockingly blue they are. How fun to have one brown-eyed girl and one blue-eyed girl. Can't wait to meet the little lovely in person in a few months!!