Thursday, September 30, 2010

nursing and husbands

Recently Evee and I got on to the topic of nursing and milk.  I told her (in so many words) that the milk only comes if there is a baby that needs it. 

Evee thought that when she got bigger she would have milk and be able to feed her little sister.

I told her that when she got older she might have her own baby to feed. 

That got us on the topic of getting older and husbands. 

"And who's my husband going to be?" (Evee)

"We don't know.  Who do you think your husband will be?" (me)

"Um...I think papa."

"Oh yeah?  Why do you think papa will be your husband?"

"Because he's so silly."  (I could see the click in her mind at this point at the word silly)  "And dad's so silly too, I think dad will be my husband."

"So, dad and papa are going to be your husbands?"

"Yeah, they're so silly." (and she was laughing...not sure at what, but I'm guessing that she was thinking of getting tickled or a having a "crash landing" before bedtime).

The things I love about this...
there is no thought that her dad and her papa are indeed already married
there isn't a limit on the number of husbands one might have
silliness is the trait she is drawn to
she is sweetly in love with her dad and her papa and the role they play in her thankful

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  1. Ah Jamie, I told Dad about it today, but I'm so glad you wrote it out so he could read it for himself.

    Dad's sitting next to me and says, "This Papa is pretty pleased to be considered all for silliness sake."

    He's passing on love to you all :)