Thursday, September 9, 2010


A bit of time not blogging the last 2 days. 

Lots of thinking about the future.  Thinking about who we are.  Intentionally thinking it all our hearts, with our words and on paper. 

A few things that were emphasized in my mind (personally and presently more than the whole of our future)
       In thinking about our values - I love that the things that matter most to us (our values) are not anything other than who we already are...who we cannot help but be.  There is something beautiful and freeing in that.

       In thinking through relationships - Am I giving myself to the relationships I most care about?  Is there health and peace within my relationships? 

       In thinking through my time - General questions of "what things are those that only I can do?" and "what things must I not do?".  In the end, "how do I truly want to spend my days?" and am I doing that?

       In thinking through my goals - Basically, I'd like to have them.  Smile.  I'm sure I have some unconsciously, but I'd like to have them intentionally and ones that line up with my values. 

Looking back on these 2 days
I am tired...thinking about all of this is a lot of work.
I am at peace...and sweetly surprised at the lack of worry and fear.
I am hopeful...we are moving ahead.
I am will things come about.
I am thankful...the process and journey are messy but beautiful.
I am present...especially with a toddler and newborn in tow for it is lived today.

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  1. Been thinking and praying for you over these past few days. So great to read your thoughts. Thankful for peace and hope and curiosity and a thankful heart that continues to live in the present. :)

    Love you!