Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In lieu of not writing in this space at all, I will write simple posts of gratitude.  Not that it will be all that different than normal....

In the midst of life as it is right now I see that my time/ambition for posting has decreased while my need to stay focused on the beauty and peace of life ever increasing.  I am also without a camera for another couple of weeks (not that my pictures are ever fantastic, but it still captures a moment).  Simple, grateful posts seem to be just what is needed.

"Gratitude is a shield against fear and self-absorption. It makes the heart quiet and poised to listen." - @sandramccracken
Gratitude I'm feeling in this moment...
  • The joy of parenting with a mate who is so different than me, but balancing in every way
  • Sleeping in because my mom was around and had special coffee dates with Evee while I legitimately slept in
  • Skype - not sure what I would do without this right now
More to come...

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