Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The farm

As wonderful as these pictures make our time look and as fun as it was for the brief moments we were actually hanging out at the farm, this particular trip was mostly for cinnamon donuts....maybe entirely for the donuts, with a bit of feeding the animals on the side.

We were on our way to somewhere else and the donuts seemed like a necessity.  Maybe it was because Clint had been gone for a time and was happy to simply be with Evee and I...  Or maybe it was because the trip was actually to get his father's day gift.  Either way, Clint easily obliged to this side trip.  Or maybe it was for the love of donuts.  Or maybe it was because he didn't want to argue with a pregnant woman. :)


  1. The cinnamon donuts would have definitely been a drawing point for me :).

    Fun photos! Man, I miss you guys!

  2. Ha! We go apple picking every fall in the mountains, but when we all jump in our cars to go up, the only thing we're talking about are the cinnamon donuts. I think I could literally eat 100 of them in one sitting.

  3. Oh...I miss you. and those crazy donuts...i've started reading your blog- cause i've given up hope that we are ever going to talk=) Regina