Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The bike (and the tutu)

I uploaded some pictures that had been on the camera for the last week.  I realized that there have been little things we've been enjoying throughout these days.

Last week we had Clint home from his long excursion.  It was very sweet watching Evee try to fit 3 weeks worth of words, stories and kisses in to the first couple days of his return.  Really, any time they were together she was in his arms...sometimes with the addition of her hands on his cheeks telling him yet another thing from when he was away.

One of the first things to be shown off was the bike.  I know I've already shown pictures, but in these are the addition of the tutu that her granny sent over for her from Australia.  It very much shows the fashion of this child even though she still loves getting dirty and playing hard.


  1. are you kidding me? She is so sweet. i can not wait to see you guys.
    1 1/2 months

  2. Evee looks even more grown up since I saw her! Love the pictures. Quite the contrast - tutu and bike helmet :). That's my girl!

  3. forget about it. the tutu and bike helmet are priceless! i can just see her leading miles and stella on a ride...hopefully one day!

  4. Oh man. I love it! I like that Evee has her own style... and completely different from yours :)