Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last night I was walking, meal in hand, to drop off food to a friend.  I was so tired from the day, but it was nice to walk over to bring a meal.  It was like saying, "we are in this together."  Maybe not that particular situation, but life. 

I thought about how wonderful it is to be in community.  To truly live life together.  I think about the past few months.  There is an endless list of happenings, and more that I don't even know about.  Babies being born, babies lost, loved ones in the hospital, love ones passing.  Questions about future, jobs, houses, apartments.  The unknown, the known.  Birthdays, festivities, many gatherings...wine nights, happy hours, bbqs. 

When it boils down there have been things of wonderful beauty and deep sadness.  The wonderment of it all is that we experience it together.  Certainly someone in the community is also hurting, happy, tired, excited, anxious.  And, although it may look very different to my own (joy, pain, tiredness, peace) it is always a comfort to know that people are around - they care and I care.

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  1. Great thoughts Jamie!

    Having five friends over for dinner tonight :). Community is a wonderful thing.