Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Thankful for grace today...for myself, for others and for the space on this blog where I'm not getting to write much this week. 

Working to be thankful in all things and not let the worries (and details) of this life get me discouraged or steal my joy. 

I'm sure a post will come soon as I find time to dwell on things that bring joy and peace.  There are so many things that I am so grateful for (like my baby shower this past Sunday and times with friends over the weekend).  Things I want to record here and focus upon.

I hope that the start of this week for you has been a bit more serene (and slower) than mine :).

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  1. keep meaning to send you a note thanking you for the popcorn heating pad that you gave me when I was pregnant with Cooper. I have used it SOOOOO much. I've had mastitis 6 times since having Lucy and I use the pad for warm compresses... since I'm using it again today, I wanted to say "thanks!" :-) Stacey