Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Pleasures

When my eyes are open and I am aware, I am thankful for so many things...  It's amazing how, when embraced, the littlest of things can bring the greatest joy and peace.

Where we are located...the view from our porch.  We are right by a canal path and there is room to play all around us.

Beds made.  Such a simple and quick task, but one that makes the entire room feel more simple.  I will add fresh clean sheets to this one too (you'd think I'd wash them more frequently then, but somehow this doesn't happen...).

Being barefoot.  I'm pretty sure that my feet, as un-beautiful as they are, live for the weather when I can wear flip flops.

Today is my last post for the week.  I'm heading out to a conference early this morning.  I love conferences so it should be fun.  Just 3 days that I'll be away.

I'm guessing that peace for this time away will be...
  • getting time alone in the midst of constantly being with people
  • being still in the midst of a schedule
  • being comfortable and confident in who I am 
  • believing that all is flowing smoothly with Clint and Evee at home
(really they are more of reminders to myself about these days... reminding myself of who I am and how I function best...what I need to be aware of for my own peace of mind).

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  1. Thinking of you while you are at the conference. Have a great time!