Thursday, April 22, 2010

Composting - Happy Earth Day!

"To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” Mahatma Gandhi

Growing up we composted everything we could.  After moving from our old farm house we got away from the practice and I've personally never gotten back to it.

I've been wanting to compost this entire past year, but never started - partly because the compost heap I would take it to is a block and a half away (i's sad that was cold) and partly because I just never took the step of grabbing a container to accumulate the compost.

Recently I went to our first "work day" for our community garden (so exciting).  One of the gardeners did a training on worm composting - perfect for our apartment living.  It will also create amazing fertilizer for the garden plants.  We got most of the starter equipment from him that day.

I've been taking our compost out to the garden and will soon start using some of it to make wonderfully nutritious soil for our garden (it takes about a month for the worm one to be ready)!  And, I'm so happy to be doing it.  Another peace giving thing in my life...

As soon as the scare of frost is past and our seeds are fully sprouted we will complete our garden plot within the community of gardeners.

In the spirit of today, I wanted to pass along this link about buying less plastic and how to save money while saving the's a good one!


  1. Loved your wording for this post. Nothing like garden fresh vegetables! So cool about the community garden. What a great idea!

  2. Sweet!

    Funny we grew up doing this stuff and probably never realized WHAT we were actually doing (at least us kids) was just what you did.

    Can't wait to get more updates on your patch!

    BTW - we composted for several weeks until we got a fruit fly infestation which knocked us out of the composting biz. Maybe in our new place, sometime down the road?

  3. thanks for the compost story and for the link on plastic consumption. cool stuff