Friday, March 26, 2010

random, random

Brief thoughts/happenings I had recently...  all extremely random, but still...

"All nighters" in undergrad are vastly different than in grad school, with a family, and a job - not that I'm doing them (nor did I do them in undergrad :) - I like my sleep), but it's not fun watching all that Clint needs to get done.

Tonight when I was putting Evee to bed and kneeling beside her "little big bed" (i.e. her toddler bed) she said, "Your on my bed."  I guess my arms were putting weight on her mattress.  Just to be clear she followed up with, "You're bothering me."  I sometimes wish I could be that direct.

Sometimes you wish you could do more for those you love, but are at a loss for how to help.

I was pushing Evee on a swing the other day with an older girl (9 years of age) swinging next to her.  I thought it was interesting that eventually we learn how to swing on our own.  If we had the choice, we'd probably prefer to swing on our own and not get pushed once we learn how.  Even if we had someone offering to push our swing, we'd probably turn it down.

And an update on the 1st and 3rd random thoughts which I wrote 2 nights ago - this morning Clint and I had a breakfast out together.  Sometimes being there is what you can do...supporting...being along side in the process.  There is a very sweet post (specifically the last 10 lines or so) here.  A good reminder about what can be done for those we love.

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