Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Days

We finally found the computer cord! After a full family affair of trying to find it and Clint asking me 3 times if it was in a certain bag and me saying no.  I finally looked and guess what? There it was... Can I blame it on pregnancy hormones?

It has been very snowy week and a half.  It came in large amounts, seems to be staying for awhile, and there is talk of more to come. It is very beautiful.

We have been out in it a bit and I have enjoyed it.  Although we do need to get better winter gear or, I should say, actual winter boots. 

I will say that for the most part I very much so like viewing it from inside...with the heat on and in warm clothes and getting things done or relaxing or being cozy-ed up. Very nice.

The following is a collection of pictures from last week - from the original snow we got to more snow this past weekend.



The sun out after the storm the day before!  So beautiful...


  1. So much snow. Ours is melting here and it almost feels like spring could be coming in the near future, but I think that's my wishful thinking :).

    Evee looks much happier in that sled than the one Papa put her in a few Christmas' ago.

    You found the cord... yea!!

  2. Love all the pics! Would love some of you and the baby bump. SO great to talk with you this last week. We miss you guys like crazy. Love you.

  3. Love the first picture! Evee looks so content...

    Miss you guys!