Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We have been healthy now for awhile, so no excuses in that area.  Just a bit busy and tired.  Life has so many beautiful moments, though, no matter the season.  And, simply for life, I am thankful. 

These days...

Spinning is oh so popular - especially in her favorite spin-around-dress (thank you to Granny who bought it for Uncle Dean's wedding)

Beds are good, but naps seem optional depending on the day (I know it's too early to give it up!)

Only a little special baking/cooking is happening.  And it's more in the form of brownies and biscuits instead of bread and hummus.

It still feels like fall, but I'm starting to wear long underwear.  A friend got it for my birthday (since I'm always cold)...and I am loving it.

The house is partially cleaned after weeks of building up grossness (more needs to be done though).

We were able to share Thanksgiving with extended family in PA and had a wonderful time.  (Thanks to my Aunt Karen for the great pictures of the day.)

We are anticipating Christmas with my side of our family and have been greatly enjoying more frequent phone calls/skypes to Clint's side of the family.

Evee wore a winter hat the other day that was passed on from Auntie Julie.  She kept calling it her "my auntie Julie hat".  Later that day she named a bear Esther.  The only Esther that she knows is her auntie across the world.  It warms my heart that a 2 year old can feel the importance of the people in our lives, even those so very far away.


  1. oh my i'm so honored! i'm so glad i passed that hat on! i miss evee so much! she looks so beautiful.

  2. Evee is so cute, and her hair has gotten so long. So adorable! Glad you all get to spend Christmas together. We should be seeing your brother here in the next few days. Excited to connect with them and meet Stella!

    Love you guys!

  3. WOW! I miss you guys so much and cannot wait to be together for Christmas! Evee looks amazing. Love you all.

  4. Can't wait to see you all at Christmas! So fun to sing with Evee on skype last night. She is such a sweetie.

  5. Hey! This post never showed up in my feed! Every day I kept seeing, "I should make no promises." glad to see some pics of our little niece!!

    Can't wait to see you three!

  6. Fun to see the pics of Evee's adventures. ;)

    Some ideas for you:
    1. Green cleaning tips> Have you covered that much yet?
    2. Green internet viewing (reducing the carbon footprint of our internet it possible?)
    3. 5 Easy Green Habits Every Family Should Have

    Okay, just priming the pump.... a fan as always.

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