Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today, after reading a section in The History of Love: A Novel I started thinking about fun little things.

Here is a glimpse at the book (the particular part I was reading)
("If I had a camera," I said, "I'd take a picture of you every day.  That way I'd remember how you looked every single day of your life." "I look exactly the same." "No, you don't.  You're changing all the time.  Every day a tiny bit.  If I could, I'd keep a record of it all."... 
So, I started thinking...

How fun would it be to pick one thing and do it consistently and just for fun.  It would be something so simple, but over time, would be something remarkable because of follow through and longevity.

Random (and some possibly worthless :)) things I thought of
  • Collect scraps of paper that you find on the ground and make a collection (very random, I know, but it would be interesting)
  • (like in the book) Take a picture of Clint or Evee or all of us once a day or once a month.  Or I've heard of someone taking a picture of their child once a year with the same toy to see how different the picture looks each time
  • Write one thing each day on the same topic... i.e. something your happy about, sad about, highlight of that day, etc.  
  • Something that you do each year, once a year.
  • End the day with something that you are thankful for
I know some of these are completely unrelated to the book I was reading, but it's fun to think about things that over time could be great family or friendship treasures.  All can be sentimental.  Like, for example, I've been thinking about starting up some letter writing (real letters, with pen and paper).  Now to pick one thing and stick with it. :)


  1. I love this idea! So great. Mike and his brothers took the same picture each year by the same tree. Very cool. It will be fun to think of something we can do now that we are a family unit. Thanks for this.