Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sometime this summer I decided that I wanted to move to glass or stainless steel containers (instead of the plastic containers we use all the time).  Even though we have quite a ways to go, I'm happy to be making some small changes in that direction.

I just picked up some ball (brand) jars - 2 sets of smaller sizes - that are great for storing beans, popcorn, lentils as well as snacks (today it was nut mix and grapes).

Obviously, I can't use these particular jar containers for everything since they are not air tight, but I've been really happy with the small change.

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  1. Those little guys are cute! I save all my jars for the same reasons. I still have four children living at home, so end up with a varity of sizes. Jelly, salsa and even pimento jars!

    Blessings, Beth Ann