Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall post - trader joe's and such

I've already mentioned my great love for Trader Joe's in this post last year and throughout the summer (and yesterday). This year, late spring, we heard that we'd probably have one in our local area. I called up a few Trader Joe's stores to see if it was true and it sounded like a strong possibility.

Then, this summer, we saw it was for sure. They've open this Friday (Sept. 25th). Due to now having a Trader Joe's in our area, I thought I'd create a separate place for all things Trader Joes :).

Since, from here on out, most of the ingredients from our meal plans will be with Trader Joe's ingredients, I'll post our meal plans at a new blog that I've been thinking up throughout the summer. The first post is there, so please check it out here! Thanks so much. It's just a short one, but with many more to follow.

Here, on this blog, I will continue posting about living a simple and peaceful life with the continued emphasis on how this can change the world around us in little and (hopefully) big ways too. I'm sure some stuff will obviously carry over, too, with the ideas of "one bowl" and bringing together home life with social justice issues.

I'm also trying to categorize my past posts - the meal plans, post ideas, and recipes so that they are easy to look up. That way, for those that don't have Trader Joe's stores around their area, there is still options for meal plans (although there are so many great meal planners out there that blog too).

My hope is that it creates simplicity on this blog and some division in my thought categories (although they do go hand in hand in many ways). Thanks again for keeping up on this blog and for checking out the new one.

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  1. Hello, Jaime!

    I really enjoy your posts on this blog. How wonderful to have a TJ's opening near you. It will never happen here in Nebraska, but we have relatives to visit that have TJ's in town...Anyhow, your "here" link to the other website needs to be fixed I think. The others worked fine for me. Enjoy your blessings!