Friday, August 14, 2009

The hard part...

It's funny how you can search for who you are or what you are can seem so vague...that there are too many hobbies or passions (or too few). Or it can seem that it's hard to make the time to really sit and think about who you are and what you are about (maybe it's just me).

Then it comes. It's more of a smack on the head than a grand revelation. Of course, that is who you are...what you are about. You couldn't help be any other way. It's you.

Then comes the hard part. Doing something with that knowledge.

Before it seemed that if only I knew what that one thing was, then it would be quite easy from there. But, no. In that end finding (realizing, actually) was the easy part.

Now there is more sitting, listening, waiting.

What beauty in that process though. If only we (I) embrace it. Being.

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