Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it already Wednesday?

Wow - these days are going quickly! So, the meal plan this week is/was :)
  • Monday - we were in NYC so we went out for Thai
  • Tuesday - leftovers (we have plenty from last week - chili, potpie, curried lentils)
  • Wednesday - I was going to make a roast, but will keep the meat in the freezer till when we get back. I just checked it out on the USDA site. Wondering how long you can keep stuff frozen? Check it out here. So, we'll just keep using our leftovers!
  • Thursday - having a cook out with friends to enjoy the last night here. We'll either defrost some hamburger to make hamburgers on the grill or, yes, use up leftovers...just depending on how the fridge looks after tonight.
  • Friday we head out. I'll make egg salad sandwiches for the road and we'll get the other meal while driving.
This week at the store I just picked up eggs, fruit, and bread. It was under $10.

My plan for the summer meal planning - We'll still do meal planning, but it will be for 4 adults and Evee since we will be living with my parents during the internship. Either I will be meal planning or my dad and I will be doing it together. Also, we'll be on a budget, but it won't be like this past year. I hope to pass along some great recipes though! Either way, I'm not going anywhere - I'll still be meal planning, just a bit differently!

Then, when we get back here in the fall it will be Trader Joe's meal plans!!! Yeah!


  1. Can't wait for those great meals planned and prepared by you and Dad!

  2. Hi Jamie! I don't know if you remember me, but our families went to Central Wesleyan together a long time ago. My Mom (Cheri Speese) was, I think, your Sunday School teacher. :) I peeked at your blog this morning, and had to laugh! My meal plans are very similar to your own. (Just bigger, I think - I have 5 kids) We had lentil & sausage soup, black-eye pea & turkey chili, and tacos just this past week. Love your goals, and your 'About Me' section. I am lovin' my beautifully simple and peaceful life as well! Just wanted to say 'hello' and I'm glad you're doing so well! I'll have to pass it on to my Mom!