Friday, October 17, 2008

Easy, Simple Recycling

Thursday mornings are when I try to clean around here. A couple of weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea (which I'm sure MANY have had before me) to just cut a bit out of an old milk container to use as my cleaning "bucket". Two weeks later, I can report that it has been wonderful - complete with a handle for transporting and enough room for my hand and a rag.

Right now, I'm using Mr. Clean for about everything. In a week or two I will try out CRL to participate in a Tackle it Tuesday Column. But, for now, I use Mr. Clean in the kitchen and then move to the bathroom. I finish up by pouring it into the toilet, using the toilet brush to clean, and flushing (I know you wanted to know the ins & outs of my cleaning). So, in the end, it also saves on not over-using water as well :).


  1. Have you tried any natural cleaning products? With the baby coming I wonder about what we could use to be a little less toxic...? Any ideas?

  2. Right now, I'm trying to use up the cleaning products I have (just because we have them). What I want to get is Charlie's soap All Purpose cleaner - On that page you can find information on what it can be used for (basically anything) and data sheets about chemical stuff. Basically, it is non toxic and biodegradable. After I introduced a friend to Charlie's Soap Wash Detergent, she got the all-purpose cleaner and loved it! Plus, you don't need much more in the cleaning department because it basically does everything. It's $12.99 on there site and if you spend $20 or more (if you go in with a friend or something), shipping is free. Anyway, something to check out! I love Charlie's Soap and the people there are great!