Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are your personal care products safe?

A friend told me about this site awhile back and I thought I'd post about it.

Basically, Skin Deep, is an organization that researches and then informs consumers (or potential consumers) about what ingredients are in products and if they are harmful for your body. Just put the product brand name into the search tool. It can get addicting looking at what products are least harmful and which are most, but it's also helpful in making decisions about what things are worth purchasing.


  1. Thanks so much for putting this site up. I remember looking at it with you once when we were researching Aquafor but then forgot what the site was. I've been wanting to check out some stuff I'm using.


  2. Aha! Now I understand! :) love you and miss you!

  3. I'm quite sure about my personal care products, I used to get them through Gaiam.